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How Do I Get References?2019-03-27T19:31:13-08:00

Past Clients are our best recruiters! We will offer you a list of their names and numbers for you to call, upon your request, call us at (907) 688-1499 or Contact Us

What About Transportation?2019-03-27T19:29:53-08:00

Clients will need to book their own flights into Aniak, Alaska. Your local travel agent will be able to help you with your travel arrangements at least as far as Anchorage. If you need help with the Anchorage to Aniak leg of your travel, we’ll be glad to assist you. Once you get into Aniak, you will be chartered into main camp.

What About My Physical Condition?2019-03-27T19:29:27-08:00

This has a tremendous bearing on the outcome of your hunt. If you are not in reasonable physical shape, your chances of success may be appreciably reduced. There are many factors considered in getting your game. Therefore, increase your own success by being in good shape, knowing your capabilities and advising us of them (including any physical limitations, special diets or medication).

Where do I purchase Tags & Licenses?2019-03-27T19:29:04-08:00

You can purchase your license and tags online @ https://www.adfg.alaska.gov/Store/ . We do not sell or distribute tags and license at our camp. You will need to arrive at camp fully prepared.

What is Your Guide to Client Ratio?2019-04-10T14:12:13-08:00

We employ experienced guides who have trained through us and are skilled with hunting in our area. We ensure that one guide per hunter is available (unless other arrangements are made).

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