Introducing Bob and Charlie Adams, Owners of Adams Guiding Service:


Born and raised in rural Alaska, it seemed a natural step for Bob to focus his life career on being in the outdoors and doing what he valued most: hunting, fishing and flying people around our wonderful country.  Bob’s interest in the outdoors began when he was five years old; foregoing his first year of school in order to spend time in the woods behind the school in McGrath, Alaska.  By the time he was seven years old, Bob had shot his first moose on a hunting trip with his father.

The moose ended up being a record moose that “made the books” in those days.  Following through with his passion for being outdoors and hunting, Bob began a guiding career in 1974, fresh out of high-school, guiding for various guides and outfitters in Alaska.  In 1983, Bob founded Adams Guiding Service, settling in an area of Western Alaska that he had been hunting in since 1978.  This area would become the base camp for the entirety of his career as a Big Game Guide and Outfitter.


A “transplant” from the Minnesota and western US states, Charlie is a 35 year resident of the State of Alaska.  As a young girl, Charlie learned to cook alongside her grandmother, mother and sister on the family farm in MN. While unknown at the time, these skills proved to be a cornerstone for happy and contented hunters and fishermen/women on the Kipchuk!  During her college years, Charlie spent her summers as a Camp Counselor at remote camps for Individuals with Disabilities. For six years of her career as a teacher,  Charlie created and directed a summer camp in the mountains of MT for the same population.

Her love of engaging people in adventure, connection and conversation have been the guiding forces that prevail throughout her work in Adams Guiding Service. Bob and Charlie share the mutual goal of maintaining the livelihood of wilderness, remote living AND of maintaining healthy game populations for our Alaskan future.

Adams Guiding Service is a family operation. Bob’s brother Bill, sister Sherry and friend, Kenny were guiding alongside him for 25 years; Kenny continues to provide aviation support for the camp.  Also among our family are long-standing Assistant Guides, eager packers to do the heavy lifting, camp assistants who keep our operation moving forward and fed and of course our golden retrievers; our camp ambassadors!  While Adams Guiding Service is located in the heart of the Kuskokwim and Kilbuck mountains, our rustic wilderness lodge has a special “touch of home.”  Every client is special in our camp and we treat each person like they were our own family.  Western Alaska, home to Adams Guiding Service, offers some of the GRANDEST hunting adventures and opportunities in Alaska for moose, brown bear, black bear and grizzly. We know the area extensively and we are committed to getting you where the game is!


Nestled within the Kuskokwim Mountains, Adams Guiding Service is surrounded by mountain ranges and lies near the convergence of three rivers.  Tundra surrounds our camp with most of our hunting adventures either leading up into the mountain ranges or along the rivers. Everywhere you look there are scenic vistas, mountains to climb or rivers to fish along. Weather is changeable with cooler mountain air nights and warmer climate days; spring and fall.


The base for all hunting and fishing is our main camp and airstrip on a remote river in the Kuskokwim Mountains, about 60 miles south of Aniak, Alaska. We have a comfortable main lodge building where we provide delicious home-cooked meals and comfortable, casual accommodations.  The main camp also includes heated wall tents, a meat-shed for hanging moose meat and indoor, hot showers.  Recently, during an inspection of our camp by an Alaska DNR official, we were complimented on how CLEAN AND WELL-KEPT our main camp is and we were told we were a model for how a camp should be maintained.  ORGANIZED and REMARKABLE are other complimentary words used by many hunters and visitors to our main camp. Every moment at camp, we try to live into these impressions.

Once you arrive at the main camp you will be on a trajectory to be at a spike camp by nightfall. This plan is so that you are legal to hunt the next day.  All hunts are tailored to the hunter’s needs and desires.  Each Guide is paired with a hunter as soon as the hunter arrives in the main camp.  Following a hot meal and the completion of necessary paperwork, you and your guide will be flown to your spike camp; you may be in spike camps up to 9 days. Each spike camp offers its OWN opportunities; all spike camps are individualized to meet hunters’ needs.

During this time the hunting pressure is limited to none. It’s just you and your Guide, on your quest.  Upon leaving your spike camp, the campsite is left as pristine as we found it.  On some occasions, you may stay at the main camp for your hunting opportunities, depending on the hunting circumstances at that time.